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Weather Underground

Add a weather ticker to your own homepage.

The service is extremely customizeable:
  • several different graphics

  • more than 30 different languages

  • Supports Fahrenheit, Celsius or both

  • Works for cities, states and countries

Here is an example of what can be done with this service (and also showing how incredibly bad the weather usually is around here):

Simply a fantastic free service!

The service is extremely easy to add to your page:
  • 1. Go to the Weather Underground homepage

  • 2. Search for your local area

  • 3. Click the link to "add this ticker to your own page"

  • 4. Copy and paste two lines of HTML to your own page


AccuWeather can provide your site with educational animations of various weather phenomena, local forecasts, surface maps, temperature maps, satellite maps, radar maps, and more!

AccuWeather can also provide your site with a fully produced, weather segment featuring 5 day local forecasts and a national summary presented by an AccuWeather Expert Meteorologist.

This new application is designed for Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

Click here to see what AccuWeather can offer your site!

Yahoo Local Weather For Your Site

If you prefer a link button rather than an actual graphic showing the weather, you might consider using the free and very easy to set up service from yahoo. Travel agents can make buttons to show the weather in key destinations etc.

Click here to add a Yahoo button to your own site!



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