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Adding a full search option to your site increases the friendliness of the user interface dramatically.

This becomes especially true as the site grows bigger.

Why lose visitors just because they can't find what is actually covered on your pages?

With a site search option, if the visitor did not find what he came for, the topic is most likely not covered on the site.


Add a free search engine to your web site in less than 10 minutes!

Without CGIs or server modifications!

You can customize the search screens with your own background and logo, integrating the search process seamlessly with your site.

The Freefind search engine will search your web site and present your visitor with a results page. This page contains a ranked list of pages on your site that match the user's query.

Most search engines have a mind of their own. If they decide to rank your main page at the end of the list, it's stuck there. Freefind lets webmasters adjust the ranking of key pages so they'll show up on top!

Simply enter your web site's URL and FreeFind will e-mail you the HTML to add to your web page.

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The Bravenet Search Engine will spider your web site and grab the keywords right off the page. Your search results page is completely customizable so you can make it look just like the rest of your site.

  • Customizable titles and subtitles.

  • Choose any background graphic and color.

  • Pick suitable colors for the text and links.

  • Type in the URL to a page on your site and Bravenet spiders the page and shows you the keywords.

  • Edit the entry and specify what keywords will find that page.

  • Edit URLs, titles, keywords, etc. at any time.

Click here to sign up with Bravenet.

Other Site Searchers

There are several other free site search tools available on the net.

Below is a listing of the more popular ones.



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