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During the past year it has become more popular to add life and interactivity to websites with the use of polls.

If the poll is to be an asset to the site - it is important to have relevant and interesting topics.

It will require about 10 minutes to set up a new poll.


An extremely easy way to add polls to your website.

To set up a new poll, all you need to do is:
  • 1: Enter the headline and the question for the poll.

  • 2: Enter possible answers.

  • 3: Choose between 6 different layouts.

  • 4: Copy and paste 10 lines to your page.

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It is easy to create a poll with FreePoll.

Only 5 simple steps to customize the poll.

Enter the topic and answer possibilities exactly as you wish
them, and Free Poll will mail you 10 HTML lines to paste into
your document.

Upload the document to the server, and there it is:
Your new online poll system.

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Bravenet Vote Caster, or Multi-Polls, lets your visitors cast their votes on up to 10 topics.

Keep statistics and increase traffic to your site at the same time! Your Vote Caster is completely customizable so you can make it look just like the rest of your site.
  • 1 to 10 polls all in one.

  • Customize the title graphic, title and subtitle description.

  • Choose any background graphic and color.

  • Pick suitable colors for the text.

  • Ask up to ten questions with ten answers per question.

  • Add images to the questions or to each answer!

  • Allow statistics to be public or private.

  • Delete/edit questions anytime.

  • Reset statistics anytime.

  • Stop people from voting with IP address banning.

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Prowler Poll is a Perl CGI “web-based” product which you can download and install on your web site.

Prowler Poll features an easy-to-use interface, and a web-based configuration that makes it easy to add, delete, and manage many different poll/voting topics.

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  • Customize the language

  • Customize your Ballot Box

  • Customize the results page

  • Real-time updates and results

  • Prevent users from voting twice

  • Have up to 15 questions for your survey

  • Have up to 15 answers for each question

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International Voting Center

  • Up to 120 Answers for Polls

  • 15 artisticly balanced color schemes

  • Individually change:

    • Background Color

    • Background Image

    • Text Color

    • Link Color

    • Active Link

  • Choose the graph image

  • IP and Cookie multiple voting check

  • Switch between percentages and numbers

  • Set closing dates for polls

  • Sort poll data by number or by alphabetic

It's so easy. You create the polls, we host them and your visitors vote on them. You don't have to invest time learning CGI...!

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