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This page contains tools to help you submit and monitor your site's ranking in search engines.

It is advisable to submit your most important pages by visiting the different engines one by one. Less important pages can be submitted using an automated process.

As for the tools to measure rankings, they can't always be trusted 100%. We have on several occasions received a result from these bots that did not match what we found when we went to the search engine and looked for ourselves.

However, since time is a limited factor in life, you might benefit from the service, as long as you keep in mind, that the results are not always precise.

Search Rank Watch

This free service is provided by EchoEcho.Com.

Search Rank Watch will let you easily monitor your site's ranking on the ten most important search engines on the web:
  • Yahoo

  • Excite

  • AltaVista

  • InfoSeek

  • Lycos MSN

  • WebCrawler

  • HotBot

  • Snap

  • GoTo

These engines represent more than 95% of all searches.

All you need to do is enter the words to search for.
Search Rank Watch then crawls each search engine and presents you with the results on one page.

Click here to see your sites ranking now!

Site Submission

Site submission pages for the major search engines:



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